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Olympia Family Dental

2600 Yelm Highway SE
 Olympia, WA, 98501

General Family Dentistry

Calvin Kim D.D.S.




I just want to say, I am very impressed with Dr. Kim and his staff. They have assured my complete comfort and have followed through.  His injections are totally painless - not even the little stick I have felt in prior procedures with other dentists.  He has special procedures that make it painless and they work.  This is my first time with Dr. Kim, and it will not be my last.

Jacqueline Miller


Testimonials below from patients w live in Snoqualmie Ridge where Dr. Kim had his last practice which was called Snoqualmie Ridge Family Dental!

"Without a doubt the best dentist I've ever been to. My kids (7 and 4) love everyone in the office so much they want to stop by randomly and just say hi. That can't be normal. My 7 year old son had to have two teeth pulled last week and he still doesn't know he had 4 shots to numb his mouth! Dr. Kim passed that challenge with flying colors."

Sandi Stuit

"Wow, if you are in need of a dentist, Dr. Calvin Kim is awesome! We have been to two other dentists in the past year, both of them pediatric dentists, in an effort to have dental work done on our daughter. She was petrified to the point that both dentists insisted that she be put under general anesthetic. Dr. Kim asked me if he could give it a try. I agreed and am so thankful. He took the time to put Mary at ease and got through the whole treatment. Mary actually asked when she could come back! How is that for a compliment?"

Kristen Zanas

"Dr. Kim is fantastic. My husband and I have used his services since moving here in 2006, and our expectations are always exceeded. His staff is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Having gone to an array of dentists, I can definitely say that Dr. Kim is at the top of my list!"


"I had a tooth chip last night, and Dr. Kim arrranged emergency work to fix my tooth this morning. In my experience today and since I first saw them about two years ago, their office is extremely convenient, they are very competent, and they care for their patients. I'm glad they're on the ridge!"

Matthew Wolenetz

"Dr. Kim is very friendly and the staff are incredible. They are very professional, yet they make you feel at home and you can really relax..... I find it hard to relax when I need any dental work. I can't stand drills in my mouth. I actually never felt ANY pain when I had my 2 fillings removed and replaced. Ok, enough bragging, but if you need a dentist, I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kim here on the Ridge. And, one last thing, he even offered a field trip for my daughters Kindergarten class. (When I mentioned this to the teacher...she wants to take all 5 Kinder classes for a field trip)."

Lu Edwards

"I have to add to this, he has had to pull two of my daughter's teeth. He was so gentle, I don't even think she noticed. He's even cleaned our three-year-old's teeth; it was amazing he sat still for it. (The three-year-old not the dentist.) I have had work done and was really dreading it. My old dentist was an instructor at UW and I'd gone to him since I was three, so (I think) I was used to a very high level of service. He exceeded my expectations and I'm delighted I have a new dentist for our family."

Jennifer Merril